Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

On behalf of Long Dogs WA Grandpa Dodge and Pepe would like to wish all their fellow Long Dogs a safe and happy Easter break.

In the wise words of Grandpa Dodge;
  • Don't get egg-cited and feed me chocolate.  Chocolate is toxic to Dodge (and other dogs. Ed.)
  • Hot cross buns get me hot under the collar. Sultanas are also bad for Dodge (see above. Ed.).
  • Youngsters who don't know any better sometimes get confused when staying with friends and family, make sure your wearing id (and preferably take a microchip with you) if you decide to go exploring.
  • If anyone comes near you with bunny ears, relax and enjoy, they usually come with liver treats. If they don't come with liver treats you are entitled to a) put on a sad face and b) chew the ears when no one is looking.

Good dog. Happy Easter

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