Sunday, May 17, 2015

Introducing Sir Basil.....

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ABOUT ME : Hi, I'm Basil and I am a happy chappy who loves all people and dogs. My new owners Penny and Geoff fostered me for Dachshund Rescue Australia, but fell for my charms and so have now adopted me. When they first got me, they tried lots of names to see if I recognised anything from my past, but the only one I seemed to know was "takeaway", which they say explains why the scales creaked when I got on! Ha ha. Anyway, now I am fed lots of healthy food and I am very, very happy to have lots of walks so am getting much slimmer and fitter. They have also bought me a Basil Chariot so I can come with them on their bike rides. I love this but they do say I am a bit noisy at times..... I am just saying hello to everyone! My coat doesn't look too good because I had lots of tar cut off it when I went to the pound and it is taking a long time to grown, but one day I will be sleek coated and slim, just you wait!  I am looking forward to making friends at Longdogs meet ups. See you soon!

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