Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Introducing Chester.....

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ABOUT ME : Hi, my name is Chester. I am 6 years old and live with my Mum and Dad. I am their first and very precious baby. I now have a younger human sister and brother which means they do now get some of the attention which is annoying but the small humans do drop food quite a bit which is a bonus. My favourite things are walks with my family, playing ball, balloons and bubbles. Chasing bubbles is so much fun! I also like lots of pats and cuddles and rolling in the sunshine. Recently I had some bad back pain and lost the use of my back legs. It was very scary, I had to rest in a crate which was new to me and I was very sad. Three weeks later I am nearly back to normal. I can walk and do quiet activities. My Mum and Dad are always telling me not to run and I'm not allowed to go the lounges anymore, or jump. I still need to rest in my crate when no one is home but it is nice and cosy and I don't mind it so much when my toys are in there. I am hoping to feel all well and ready to go on a long dog walk to meet some new sausage friends.

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