Sunday, June 7, 2015

Introducing Chuck McLovin Bratwurst.....

Member #1471

ABOUT ME : Chuck McLovin Bratwurst recently turned 6 years and he's still as feisty as ever! He likes nothing better than to destroy a new chew toy but he's always careful not to wreak anything that doesn't belong to him (except for Uggboots... but, really, who can resist the sweet scent of Uggs?). Like most dachies he generates a lot of attention when out for a walk and he always very bravely defends his pack with a good bark if anyone gets too close. He enjoys cuddling up with his humans and a nice scratch behind his ears. He also loves his human siblings, although their mutual affection at the dinner table has led to his slight paunch. He's definitely a small dog with a big personality and makes our lives happier just by being ready for a snuggle any time of day.

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