Friday, June 19, 2015

Wash up from the High Tea

The fundraising High Tea at the Pagoda Resort and Spa was the first Long Dogs WA event that dachshunds weren't invited to (although I was personally surprised no one tried to sneak one in. And no, that is not a challenge if we run something like this again).

I know I wasn't the only one who struggled a bit to put names to human faces, but then we just asked the dog name and we were back on track.

The Pagoda staff treated us beautifully and I'm certain no one went home hungry.  Except perhaps the puppy looking on from the slideshow...

$3541 was raised for Dachshund Rescue Australia through the generosity of all those who donated prizes and silent auction items and all of you who came along and participated in all the fun. I am especially impressed by those who exposed family and friends to the long dogs craziness.  We really hope all your guests enjoyed themselves as much as we did (except perhaps Jo who I don't think enjoyed it THAT much, but that isn't our fault).

An extra special thank you to the driving force and MC on the day, Chiara, who managed to pull all this together the week before her birthday (oops, was that meant to be a secret).

TJ, as always, worked away behind the scenes helping to put the day together, and she, Jo, Deb, John, Vince, Mike, Kingsley and I did our bit to keep things together on the day. I was lucky enough not to have to drag myself out of my sick bed to be there which was nice.  You'll all be please to know that Jo is feeling much better now, and we hope the same can be said for the other troopers who came out even though they were a little under the weather.

The silent auction was a huge hit, those high tea stands are collectors items I think.  I can just imagine members handing them down to the next generation of dachshund owners with the story of where they came from.  Thank you to the creative genius behind them, Peter White.

Special mentions to the guests who dressed up for the occasion.  There were some wonderful dachshund themed clothing and accessories on display.  I have exercised unusual caution and not included photos here just in case. We can expect more of this as many of you bought scarves and socks to keep you warm through the winter months ahead.

We know all the raffle winners will be delighted with their prices from the Pagoda, Regal Limousines and the ever generous personal donor Bec Glass.

Long Dogs WA would like to thank;

Peter Alexander - Toasty Pjs
Peter White - High Tea Stand creative genius
Bronwyn Ryan - Quilt and pillow queen
Mel Maxwell - Tupperware superstar
Mercedes Ng - IVDD wine
Bec Glass - Raffle Hamper
Josephine Aquilia - Handmade Beaded Bracelets
Jane Brown Dachshund - Print girls dress, dog pattern book, bandanna and toiletry bag
Kingsley Matheson - Dachshund oil & vinegar set
Carmel Gordon - Hungry Jacks vouchers
Josie Livingstone-Blevins  -Peter Alexander PJs & toiletries / makeup case
Peow Lim , The Pagoda - one night in a deluxe room
Kathryn Jane - Stephenson - Regal limousines - limo transfer voucher
Andrew Curran - Penfolds handcrafted gift box
Chiara Campo - Dachshund Bag & beaded evening bag
Sarah Guiton - photographs for canvas prints

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