Monday, June 29, 2015

Whiteman Park 2015

We got lucky again on Sunday and the sun was bright and shiny for a wander around Whiteman Park.  We had 82 dachshunds attend, including recently adopted Alfie and a number of other first timers. Thank you Deborah, Dash's grandma, for counting the tails (and Chico) as they wagged past the post.

There was enough of a chill in the winter air for the dog-about-town to show off the latest in winter fashions.

TJ was on hand to supply a few people with some goodies and we raised $238 for Dachshund Rescue Australia. Thanks to everyone who came along and those who put their chilly hands in their pockets AND pulled them out again.

To show that there is no way to keep a good dog down, there were dogs in buggies, strollers, trolleys and slings!  I heard some dogs actually walked the whole way round, but I'm yet to be convinced.

A number of dogs decided that the perfume of the moment is eau de kangapoo. The ratio of dachshunds having baths on Sunday afternoon would have been well above average.

These dachshunds have their people very well trained, to the point that some had their own picnic blankets. I always wonder if the dachshunds come to these walks just to pick up people training tips from the other dogs.

We had a couple of party poopers at the walk who failed to pick up after their pooches. If you're ever caught short, sing out as a fellow member is sure to have a spare baggy for you.  There is often a lot going on and it is possible to miss the moment so if you happen to spot something someone else hasn't, point out the poo to the person with the potty puppy, pick up some karma points and be the dung fairy, or pass the word to one of the organisers if you're feeling shy and retiring or just plain pooped.  Every one of us is a long dogs ambassador so we want to leave our locations at least as pretty as we found it.

Some people got a little lost trying to find the location. It is a big park.  While we do post maps and directions to the meeting places,  if the walk is at a location you haven't attended before it's a good idea to check the maps in facebook, the blog and google maps ahead of time. If the maps don't seems clear, drop us a line before the day  and we can see if we can give you a bit more guidance.

For more photos see the facebook group and the online gallery.

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