Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mandurah Mayhem

Boy oh boy, do those south of Perth puppies know how to Par-tay. 


82 dashing dachshunds, their families and associated ring-ins descended on Hall Park last Sunday to show everyone how it's done. 

The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, as were most of the dogs. This dodgy photographer left home without the trusty treat (bribery) bag and so extra big thanks to all the dogs who brought their modelling 'A' game without hope of reward.  You guys rock.

I chatted with a few folk who were at their first event.  The general consensus from the pups was that first time out can be a bit overwhelming.  But looking at all the others you can see what to expect next time around and we hope they will all be coming along again.

The wire hair contingent were having a 1st birthday bash, so there were party hats and hostess Bev handed out dog treats to all attendees.

It was great to see former rescue Sir Basil looking trim, taut and terrific.  All credit to his grand new home and loving fur-mum.

Recently re-homed Cilla made her debut with her proud new Ma and was a delightful and tiny little character.

More photos can be found in the online gallery here.

Our next walk is in South Perth on Saturday 19 September so bang that into your calendar now so you don't forget.

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