Sunday, September 13, 2015

Introducing Reuben.....

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ABOUT ME: Born in May, Reuben arrived in our lives on the 24th of July. He is a simply stunning shaded red standard LH. We also have a red Australian Terrier called Leelo who is the same age as Reuben and the two of them are firm friends, doing everything, including digging up the garden, together. Living in South Freo their favourite walks are to the park in Parmelia Street and the South Freo dog beach, where there are a great variety of friendly dogs and people to play with. Reuben had a playdate last weekend with his litter mate, Chuckie, and we plan to get together again. Already weighing in at almost 8kg I can see that we are going to have to be very careful with Reuben's food and not allow him to put on too much weight. He just loves his food and I have never seen a pup eat so quickly. We have special bowls with bumps in to slow him down when he eats. We lost first our mini LH Jake (2012) and then our mini SH Casey (2013). Both were born in 1997 and were a huge part of my life and there was so much grief when they died that it took me a while to be ready for another dog, and I’m glad we waited, but now we are very happy to have taken the plunge back into dog ownership!

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