Monday, January 18, 2016

Pebbles - Can you help?

We need your help! 

This is Pebbles. She lives in rural Tasmania with her mum and grandma and has gone down with suspected IVDD today and has no feeling at all in her legs and can’t go to the toilet on her own. All the vets in the area have recommended euthanasia because a specialist vet is too far away and treatment is very expensive but dachshunds are a resilient bunch and we would like a second opinion from a specialist.

Due to unfortunate circumstances the owners cannot afford to pay for important scans and surgery, as they are dealing with multiple family tragedies, including Motor Neurone Disease and a statewide search for missing family.

All of the dachshund communities have rallied around Pebbles to get her to expert in Queensland, where she will most likely need surgery. Her progress will be long and arduous and several volunteers have stepped forward to take her on during the harrowing time, until she is well enough to go home.

Long Dogs WA have kindly donated the cost of the emergency flight to the specialist (out of Chilli’s Memorial Trust Fund) where she will need to be urgently assessed by the talented team of orthopaedic specialists.

Now we need your help to raise money for her costly treatment and ongoing rehab efforts, which will be coordinated by LJ, the wonderful Dr Dolittle of IVDD dachshunds, from StoryBook Sacred Animal Farm (you may have seen her story last week on The Project).

Every group across Australia is now calling for donations to be made, which will help to pay for her vet treatment. Anybody who’s ever had a sick dachshund knows how expensive treatment can be; every little bit helps. Her bills are expected to be in the multiple thousands within the next day or so.

If you think you can help please donate to:

A/C NAME:  Long Dogs WA      BSB: 016 255      A/C: 392488526       REF: Pebbles


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  1. i donated two days ago but the thermometer measuring the dollars has not moved a hundred dollars should have made it move.