Saturday, March 26, 2016

Albany Catch-up

It's great to be reminded that we are Long Dogs WA, not just Long Dogs Perth.  I was thrilled to be able to join some of the Albany members for a sniff, play and bark session at Foundation Park in Albany last weekend.

What was really exciting was to see the full age range represented with some golden oldies like Bronte and Henry, and some young ones like Heinz all joining in the fun.

The game of untangle the dog i certainly a statewide pastime. My full respect to those of you who were wrangling three dogs solo.

Dash put in an appearance to represent the Long Hairs and a small, honorary member was introduced.

Former calendar pin-ups Frankie and Skyla came along to show everyone how it was done.

Miss Mystique caused quite a stir on arrival when everyone wanted to say hi, and some wanted special hugs.

You can find more pictures form the walk in the Albany Walk online gallery.

Proceeds from any prints or large format downloads purchased will go to Dachshund Rescue Australia. Small format downloads are free for Long Dogs WA members.

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