Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunshine in South Perth

We couldn't ask for a nicer September afternoon than the one we had on the weekend, and it looks like 128 dachshunds agreed with us.

Photo credit N.Nerrad

We were covered from all angles for this walk. Tilly's friends were the eye in the sky while Mona's mum was getting the down low and in close shots. You can see Natalie's selection of long noses in our facebook group. The only thing we didn't have was someone willing to wade into the water and take some shots from the river. Maybe next time we'll recruit someone with a boat...

Our walks are always a great place to catch up on all the news about town that doesn't make it to the papers. Golden oldie, Barney, appeared to have a new spring in his step as he walked out with new friend Max.

Many Longdoggers will remember Chuckie who had a nasty run in with a car in February 2015. You can't keep a good dog down, and Chuckie was having a grand old time with two of his litter mates.

I got reacquainted with Charlie, who loves to have a tummy rub from me when we catch up.

Others, like Harvey and Miami are still a bit suspicious of the strange lady with the camera, but seemed to be getting along fine with their fur footed friends.

Basil spent some of his time yelling at the seagulls so situation normal there.

It was great to see little wire hair Bart again.  This time neither of us were rain drenched or in danger of being blown away by gusty winds which was a nice change from our first meeting in Mandurah. I think you'll agree he looks very handsome even when he isn't rocking the wet look.

Frankie attended her first LDWA walk. I also saw her conduct some of it as a carry, but that's just because she stopped to chat with me for a little bit and little legs only go so fast to catch up.

Fashionista Obi and friends were conducting spot checks to make sure everyone had their long dog credentials in order. Safe to say there were some that required further investigation.

Super talented Ellen let me have a peek at the quilt she's making.  It will be up for silent auction at the Annual Fun Day, 23 October at Guildford Polo Grounds.

Kaye was sporting the new spring fashions in her dachshund shoes and long dogs jacket. Very stylish. Sadly the paparazzi didn't get a shot of either, but if anyone is interested in getting an embroidered tee or jacket with the long dogs logo on it, let us know and we'll arrange to get you the details of how that's done.

A final reminder to everyone to make sure your dog will come when it is called if it is ever off lead. This little one's recall left a lot to be desired and didn't do the long dogs reputation any good at all.

For more event photos check out our online gallery, or facebook.

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