Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November 2017 Walk - South Beach

The Long Dogs' November walk will be held at South beach.

DATE: Saturday 11 November 2017
TIME: 8:00 AM 
MEETING POINT:  On the Beach outside the Pickled Fig

Please note, dogs are NOT allowed on the grassed area even if they are on lead and the inspector is happy to hand out fines. 


  1. Hi boys and girls, our beloved black and Dachs hound diet after seven years, being in good health, basically from one day to the other… Probably ia a iris sims ,- could you help and point out for me ,- who is breading or selling or giving away one of the Princely creatures ?
    Sorry to bother you but I thought, hope you can help… Best regards Bernd and Morna

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