Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing Harley...

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When I was just a wee little pup (8 weeks old)
ABOUT ME: I am a red smooth haired female born in August 2005. I was purchased from SYLVENUS BOARDING & PET CARE - small breed specialist in Canning Vale.
Ever since chasing reflections that were created inadvertently by my watch whilst I was hanging up the washing, Harley has become obsessed by reflections and shadows of ALL descriptions. She scratches at the carpet wherever spots of sunlight may fall on its surface from outside; she goes beserk whenever spots of light are reflected on the ceiling by water in the kitchen sink; she climbs the walls to catch spots of light thrown by the lampshade; well you get the idea…she chases spots of light reflected by just about any shiny object and, unless our lights are switched off at night, will spend each evening scratching at shadows in the lounge. Although her unusual obsession causes us and our friends much laughter and concern for her state of mind, I would be most interested to know whether anyone knows of an appropriate cure!?

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