Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing Jett...

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ABOUT ME: I am a red smooth haired male born in June 2004.

He is fiercely independent and whilst he is a very social and playful dog, he insists that you follow his rules of play, which may or may not coincide with the rules commonly used by their other canine cousins. A soft, squeaky toy is a huge source of fun and joy for him and he can keep an audience entertained with his antics.

He is also very protective and has a distinctive black 'racing stripe' down his back that stands up when he is outside protecting the backyard or warding off the neighbours cats!

He loves a good walk with his nose to the ground enjoying all the scents before him, however, one peculiar thing he does is to roll around in smelly things whenever the opportunity presents itself!! Even though Jett is heavily domesticated and abundantly pampered, he still maintains and nurtures his innate hunting instinct. He's been known to suddenly leap off the living room sofa from a sound sleep in the donut position (a favourite position of Dachshunds), and without any hesitation, fiercely attack and capture his unwitting prey, a bug or fly.

Jett is devoted to his mum and dad and is at his happiest when he gets to cuddle and be close to them. If mum or dad's lap is not available he will burrow under a blanket until he gets it "just right".

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