Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dachshunds wanted...


Members may find this interesting since some of the Long Dogs WA members actually offered their dogs for the test shots a few months back :

I was wondering if you could pass this onto the other LongDogs members?
Bennett Miller is a friend of mine and an installation artist from Perth. In May this year for the NEXT WAVE festival in Melbourne he is creating an artwork - a meeting of the United Nations, where all the sitting dignitaries are Dachshunds (There will be 47 dogs per session).
He is beginning to build the UN seating sculpture at the moment, and is looking for five Dachshunds to do a photo shoot with the sculpture this Thursday night (4/02) at 7pm. It should only take half an hour.
If anyone is interested in participating they can contact him directly.
Rebecca (and Otto)

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