Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing Charlie...

Member # 82
ABOUT ME: Hello everyone! My name is Charlie Thomas and I’m an 11 month old mini x standard Dachshund. I came all the way over from Coogee beach in Sydney for Mum’s birthday.

My family like to call me all sorts of nicknames names like: Mountain Goat, Sausage, Guttoo, Kamikaze Pirate and Charlie Brown. I enjoy long walks in the park by the river, playing with dogs 10 times my size and eating culinary delights (like mum’s steak on the kitchen counter, and if I can find it, I love chocolate! Though they seem to get very upset with me and take me to the vet). My best friend is named Bobby, and together we like to run around, chase fluffy toys, and cuddle when it gets cold.
I can’t wait to meet some more friends who are on the same level. See you in my neck of the woods soon!

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