Thursday, February 17, 2011

Introducing Busta...

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ABOUT ME: Hi my name is Busta and my mum tells me I am special! I am a long haired mini daschund, dapple choclate brown coat with one blue eye and one green eye. I was born in December 2010. Im only 10 weeks old. I was very sad when all my brothers and sisters left me at the pet shop by myself. When my mum and dad bought me home I was excited to run around and go exploring in the house. At the house I met a big kitty cat called Winston. I really want to play with him but he always runs away from me. I love chewing on slippers and I love eating chicken! I cant wait to meet everyone at the walk, hopefully I will be used to the lead by then. 


  1. Hi Busta, I have one of your little brothers! I remember seeing you at Mt Lawley pets and puppy's. Glad to see you are happy in your new home!!

  2. Thats nice to know that! Hopefully we can meet up at the walk :)

  3. yes they are very soon as i saw busta i thought they where from the same litter. ruby was born 30/12/2010. what about busta?
    is he naughty and gets away with murder like ruby haha?