Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Pedro...

Member # 116

ABOUT ME: Ola my name is Pedro,
I am Playful, cheeky and sometimes naughty; I love to sunbake when the weather is nice and hot and when it cools down I like to go for nice long walks or the occasional run.
After my walks I love to relax and do absolutely nothing. Although sometimes I like to play with my toy dog and rip its stuffing out! 
I am 8 months old, turning 1 in June (can't wait!!!) I am a Dapple smooth hair miniature Dachshund with one blue eye and the other half brown and blue, I get my long body from my mum and my short legs from my dad.
I get along with the dogs in my neighbour hood but deep down I wish I could just meet dogs that look like me.

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