Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dachshunds in the Park...

Sunday, 2nd October 2011
Clarkson Reserve - Maylands

 Group photo - 72 dogs in total!!
Every walk I think it can't get much bigger and it does, it is going to be hard to find a park that can accommodate us all !?
What a way to start the walking season :-) and our 11th Long Dogs WA walk.

Unguided we went the opposite direction from the wedding ceremony as we thought no bride would appreciate her guests all "ahhhing" and "oooing" over 72 Long Dogs walking passed in the middle of her ceremony!!!

 The path ended so some of our members took advantage of the boat ramp and took a dip in the Swan River.

Thanks again for taking the time to join us this afternoon! 

UPDATE: 11am ... Of course there would be a big rain storm on our first walk for the season!!Just waiting to see if it will clear but walk still scheduled to go ahead!!

It's that time again!!! Spring has sprung and our walks start up again. After the success of the last afternoon walk we are trying for a similar time slot....

DATE: Sunday, 2nd October 2011

MEETING POINT: Clarkson Reserve, Maylands (parking at Maylands Sport and Recreation Club end of Tranby Rd)

TIME: 3.45pm meeting point walk to start at 4.00pm

Hope to see you there!!

Please as always we are open to suggestions for new locations for walks - if you have a great park near you let me know or add it to the comment section below! Much appreciated :-)


  1. Winnie (and us) are so disappointed that we cannot make this walk. Winnie is getting 'fixed' on the Friday :( We were so looking forward to it. Bring on the next walk asap!! :)

  2. Oh, )-: Sweep, Roly and I wanted to see you and Winnie too, you can't put her back a week?

  3. Cookie and Lulu31 August, 2011

    Hi guys,
    We are really looking forwards to the next walk, the last one at Carine Open space was such a great park, why dont we go there again ???

    See you soon!

  4. What about Clarkson Reserve in Maylands - near the river and central to everyone?? It has parking and features include shaded picnic tables/seating, barbecues, fenced playground etc

  5. Or maybe Hyde Park on Vincent Street in North Perth, or is it Highgate?

  6. The park at Sanctuary Waters in Canning Vale
    was good and if there is a dog show on at the
    CAWA at the same is only a short distance can make a great day out of it!!

  7. Hi all, thanks for all the ideas... I think we will try Clarkson Reserve only because it sounds good and we have not been there before. Nice to try different parks I think especially for those members that come to all the walks. Thanks :-) Hope to see you all there on the 2nd October

  8. It is really lovely to walk along the park at Scenic Drive Wanneroo, the pathways are great and the lake and parkland is beautiful, may be a good location for another walk one day. regards Sharon