Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing Munchkin...

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ABOUT ME: We bought Munchkin from Ian and Kim Cross in Armadale. She was so small and we could not believe what a light colour she was at that age. Munchkin is well loved.  She goes virtually everywhere with us.  She also has "Grand Parents" who become home away from home when I am at work.  They have a little garden which she loves and the attention she receives is just wonderful.  Munchkin attended Puppy School at Vet West in Hillarys.  They are fantastic there. She was introduced to the beach as soon as her jabs were completed.  The beach is her favourite.  She loves all the dogs, all the humans and all the children.  She has such a friendly, loving nature.  Munchkin is a keen eater and we are having to watch her diet as she is looking a little too podgy.  She weighs 6.5kgs.  What is the average??? Munchkin in 6 months and has been desexed after a lot of deliberation.  Munchkin is the 8th longdog that our family have owned.  We are true Munchkin lovers.


  1. Hi, My name is Lucy. I have the most adorable (of course) miniature tan sausage called Munchkin. She has is nearly 6 month's old.
    We met one of your member's , Fritzi at the dog beach in Hillary's today.

    I love the blog and would like to join the walks :-)

  2. Hello Lucy and Munchkin its us Amanda & Anna. We are going to the Longs dog WA at Whiteman Park