Monday, September 19, 2011

In memory... Stella

Memories keep the one you loved 
close to you in spirit and thought and always in your heart,
today and forever.

Unfortunately 4 month old mini daschie Stella was hit by a car whilst being babysat at a family friends place in September 2011. 

As always she will be remembered by her special friends at Long Dogs WA.

Member #180 

ABOUT ME: I have just bought a miniature smooth dachshund. I named her Stella, but the nickname munchkins has also stuck. When I was younger I got a standard longhaired, her previous owner had to find a new home for her so she was 5 years old when I got her. Her name was Goldie and she was a very cool dog.

Stella is 11 weeks old. I would love to join your blog as I need a lot of advice from people who know what they are talking about! I stumbled across your blog when googling advice on how to train your dachshund so that they are able to be left at a friends house without us (eg if we are going away for a night and can't take her), as I feel that this will be the biggest challenge. Happy to send some photos and introduce Stella to the Long Dogs WA community :)

Her mum (Princess) is the same colour, and her dad (Prince) is black with tan spots above his eyes. Stella and her sister (who went to a different owner) were the only surviving pups from a litter of five. I think two were still born and one unfortunately died a bit later on, but not 100percent sure on that.
Stella is not yet toilet trained, but hopefully she will get the hang of it asap! She is also a bit sad when we leave the house for work, but fingers crossed she will get more comfortable with being alone soon also. She loves chewing anything and everything and has a range of toys to keep her occupied. She likes bones to chew on, and loves sitting on her dad's lap when he is working on the computer. Stella also loves going to bed with a nice warm heat pack.


  1. That is so sad, sorry for your loss, RIP Stella xo

    Lisa, Sweep and Roly

  2. From Choky, Molly and their people Andrew and Deb, we grieve with you for the loss of you little girl, our thoughts are with you.

  3. We are so sad to hear about Stella. We lost our little Archie so we know your heart must be broken.

    Ollie, Oskar & people