Monday, August 15, 2011

Introducing Choky...

Member #183

ABOUT ME: Hi, I'm Choky, I am a seven year old gentleman , my much loved lady had to move to Bali to live and work, so I have come to live with Andrew, Debra and two and a half year old Molly, member 133, who is now my little sister.
I have settled in well (many thanks to Sharman at for helping us all to get together), I have bonded with my new family well (I am sleepng on Andrews lap as he types this) and love cuddling with him, Deb and Molly on the couch after we go for our walk.
Molly is a typical little sister, after a couple of days she started teasing me with toys and then running off,
now she runs up and pushes and bumps me until I give in and we chase around, playing tag and jumping out at each other, rolling over and playing until we are puffed out.
She has told me of the big Long Dog meets and I am looking forward to the next one, I am a little reserved at the moment when I meet a new friend but friendly after a little while.
I send some photo's, Molly and I at the park (I am the larger), both of us sharing a rug on the couch and Molly and I having a tug of war over a soft toy Andrew bought us.

See you all soon

PS from Andrew
Choky is a delight, whenever he sees us his tail starts wagging and his face lights up, he has settled in without any problems and is a great companion for Molly, we now both work and they have each other during the day, I could have not wished for anything more than Choky when we started looking for a second dachshund.

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