Monday, October 24, 2011

Introducing Bruno...

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ABOUT ME: Hi there fellow long dogs!

My name is Bruno and I was born on the 26th of June 2011 at Lauranook in Victoria. I am a miniature, smooth haired, black and tan dachshund. My favourite past times are sleeping, digging, barking at other dogs, rolling onto my back for belly rubs, playing with chester the airedale (he's a big doggy!), playing tug of war and stealing socks. Things I like to chew include rocks, cables, slaters, sticks, mats, ants and bottles. So much to chew in this world!

My vaccinations will be working by the start of November so I will be coming to the next dachshund walk! So 'cited bout this. Yeh. And I will also be able to go for long, romantic walks at the doggy beach.

If I was to go on a play date with another dachsie we would have to have go to a restaurant that serves raw chicken wings as they are my fav. Sometimes eating skippy is nice too. And 'sghettis! See you all soon!


  1. Hi Bruno - you sound just like me can't wait to meet you at the next walk :) Amica x

  2. Hello Bruno, from your Grandmother (Breeder) so happy to see you have the best of loving family. Very proud of you. Love you. xx

  3. Hello Bruno, this is Hansel, your little brother. My servants picked me up from Lauranook a couple of days before you flew off into the wild west. Our other brother left the day before I did. My servants look after me pretty well but I am still training them, I am sure you know what that's like. I will ask them to send you a photo of me.

  4. joan hubsch22 January, 2014

    So happy my babies I have bred from Lauranook have such loving homes.

  5. Hi Bruno and Hansel! I'm another sibling - born on 2 Sept 2011, so I'm your little brother! My name is Louie and have the most wonderful family who spoil me rotten too!