Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing Juno...

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ABOUT ME: Hi every long body - he he...
My name is Juno. I was born on April 4th 2008 in Melbourne. I am very lucky to live opposite a big park in Yokine (which would make an excellent venue for a Long Dogs walk).  

My hobbies are: chewing the stuffing out of my toys (preferably squeaky ones which make excellent dinner music when my family are eating without me); sleeping (in everyone's bed but mine) and eating Shmackos (my reward when I haven't left a little punishment on the rug for leaving me home alone).
I am very affectionate and love cuddling and catching people off guard with my lick kisses. I get very excited to see people I like and do a special circle/figure 8 combo dance and hope they will reward me with a tummy tickle. Sometimes this causes slight bladder leakage and I wonder if I should seek help, but I don't worry too much as I know that I am still very much loved.
I am so looking forward to meeting you all at the next walk. Mainly because the attention I get when I am out is sometimes so overwhelming "oh look at the gorgeous sausage" " she's so cute" "can I pat her" blah blah blah... It will be so nice to share the burden with others that understand.

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