Saturday, November 19, 2011

Introducing Molly...

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ABOUT ME: Introducing Molly a red, short-haired standard dashie-the sweetest, loving and funny little girl. She is partially deaf and blind and almost 12 now. We got her when she was 3 from a breeder because she couldn’t have puppies anymore and so we took her with much pleasure. She is hilarious and keeps us all amused every day. She is our family angel and we love her so dearly even though she is the most stealthy cat biscuit snaffler there ever was! She injuredr her spine when she was about 5 and we thought we were going to lose her but after much rehabilitation and many ‘towel walks’ she came good and we were so happy! She has had no relapses since J She is a couch puppy, you will usually find her there, or pulling your doona off your bed to lay on it on the floor! She can’t do a whole lot these days so we look forward to meeting some long dog friends but might not get far with the walk hehe! She is an absolute hoot  and although quite shy around strangers hopefully she will feel more relaxed with a large possie of longdog buddies around her J

Photos are Molly with her chew stick which looks like a cigar hehe! And posing in her Christmas hat!

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