Saturday, November 19, 2011

Introducing Penny...

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ABOUT ME:  This is our little lady of the house Penny. Where to start?
Well Penny is 11months old and her birthday is boxing day! Penny is a tinted red long haired miniature sausage. She came all the way from Queensland. 
Penny enjoys sitting on the balcony barking at anyone who walks by, friend or foe! She also enjoys doing the opposite of whatever we ask her to do. She rolls her eyes at us a lot :D She loves long walks and playing at Yokine with other dashchund friends that pop by. She makes us laugh every day!! 
Penny LOVES peanut butter and chasing the duster when we try to clean. You would have seen us around at the last long dog walk and we plan to see you all at the next! 
Hope thats enough on our Penny. I could  go on and on!

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