Sunday, March 18, 2012

Introducing Frankie...

Member #280


ABOUT ME: Hi, my name's Frankie. I'm a four-year old standard (but small) black and tan dashie. I live with my mum, aunt, step-father and grandparents but somehow I still think I don't get enough attention. I am very energetic and excitable and a very loyal, protective (barky!) member of the family but I'm also very snuggly and calm when I'm sleepy. I usually prefer people over other dogs unless it's all the other dashies that I meet on my walks or my cousin JJ, a very big red setter with tasty ears. I think I scare people at first when I bark at them but once they start patting me I will love them forever! I will eat anything and everything but my favourite foods are olives from the garden, my mum's and aunty's tubes of papaw (7 destroyed already) and cereal (until my granny started tying the pantry doors together). Looking forward to meeting all you other members soon and making some new friends :)

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