Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing Sophie...

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ABOUT ME:  Hi My Name is Sophie. I’m a 5 year old, Miniature, Smooth, Tan Dashie. I live with my Mum and Dad who totally adore me and all my quirky ways. I’m the hub of the household. I could have Pats and Snuggles all day.  I love and remember a lot of Mum and Dads friends and family, but I can be really aloof with people I don’t know, and although I look like I want Pats, it’s on my terms which can be a long time.  So I can really disappoint strangers.  I’m full of energy so I love walks, and drives in the car, especially if Mum doesn’t drive above 60kms hour, then I can stick my head out of the window. I’m very loyal, and protective of anybody’s house I go to and the street they live on. One of my favourite things to eat is popcorn, really cause Mum eats quite a lot of it, although I get rationed L. I love going to the beach,  and it’s the only place I dig holes. I’m also a great at singing when I hear the recorder being played. I’ve had some rather bad knocks from Big Dogs, so Im really looking forwards to meeting some of my fellow sized friends. Ruff Ruff

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