Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing Dash...

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ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Dash (yes Mum and Dad were original weren’t they) I am 3 ½ years old and I am a standard smooth dachshund. I love to play with my best friend Zoey who is a Blue Heeler CROSS Dachshund (she is cute)... I love to play outside with Zoey and stand guard at the back gate and bark at people passing by – it is my house after all. My favourite thing to do is go to the Dog Park in Ellenbrook and play with all the other dogs, especially the bigger ones (german sheppards etc)... I also love to chew my bed and pull all the foam out and scatter it over the yard and make them think it is Zoey, I am devious that way... My favourite thing to eat is carrots. I love to come inside and be with my mum and dad.

Dash was my husband and my first pet together after we got married – he was born in the same month we were married. Mike is very besotted with his little dashie and loves to be out there playing with him and of course Zoey but Dash will always be his little man..... I call him very serious and I feel he has been here before as he always seems like an older soul. xx

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