Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Watson...

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ABOUT ME: Watson is our 10 week old Mini Dachshund who has completely taken over our lives in the short amount of time we have had him. He is a very active little man and loves being outside although isn’t big enough to be able to explore too much just yet. Watson is very inquisitive and just loves chewing on anything and everything including his mum and dad although we are hoping baby puppy school will teach him what is his and what isn’t! He has some lovely little friends at school, one not so little friend is Floyd the Great Dane who Watson has taken a great liking to and loves to chase around.

Being our first Mini Dachshund in the family we are all besotted by him and fight over who gets hugs and kisses first. Dachshunds are such a lovely breed and we think Watson is proving that every day. We are really looking forward to getting Watson out and about especially joining in on the doggy walks, taking him to the beach and watching him play with our friend’s fur babies.

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