Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing Levi...

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ABOUT ME: Hi my name is Levi.
I am nearly 4 months old. I am very playful and very affectionate, I love giving kisses. I like to chew on my toys at the moment and any shoelaces if people will let me. I love playing chasey with my big sister Hunny and chewing on my big brother Scooter's collar. I love food and like to try and steal food out of my brother and sisters bowls (but mum won't let me). My mum says I'm very well behaved because I don't bark to get attention like the others, she even said she is going to try and put me in shows one day maybe. I'm pretty good so far when I meet other dogs, I do like smaller dogs better, they aren't as big and scary. I'm a happy dog and just love where I have come to live, I love my whole family.

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