Monday, April 9, 2012

Introducing Frankie...

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ABOUT ME: Hi I'm Frank and i'm a 2 year old miniature dashie. I'm so excited to be coming to my first ever dachshund picnic next week - I can't believe there will be other short guys there like me! My favourite things are belly rubs, kisses and chasing birds off my lawn - oh and may favourite time of day....well its mealtime of course! I love our farm in Gidgegannup - I hunt for rabbits and ride the bobcat with my Dad. I would describe myself as adventurous, loyal and courageous - (although mum and dad would probably describe me a a mischief maker). 

There is no doubt I am the centre of my mum and dad's universe. They tried to make this silly rule where I wasn't allowed to sleep in bed with them - but i've discovered a way to sneak in and I cuddle so close to them that they don't kick me out anymore! I am a big hit with little kids too, and my grandparents - everyone wants to cuddle me and I will dish out a sloppy kiss to whoever wants one.

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  1. Frank you are adorable!