Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing Harry and Saffy...

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ABOUT US: I have miniature long haired dashies, Saffy and Harry.  Saffy is 2 and a half years old, red colour and very smart! a little too smart at times, she can be quite independant and certainly wears the pants as far as harrys concerned, she still has a very friendly personality and gets along splendidly with dogs of all sizes and all people too.
Harry is a handsome man, younger than saffy, not quite 2. He is a snuggly dog who could be cuddled and stroked til the cows come home, he looks to Saffy to know what to do next, is abit more reserved meeting new people and dogs and our 2 year old daughters best friend, he gets dressed up and dragged around, he's quite a good sport.  
My mum has a boarding kennel in Wanneroo and is a long time dashie owner herself,  and LOVES when people bring in their dachshunds to stay with her.

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