Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing Snitzel Von Krumm...

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ABOUT ME:is from a wonderful Breeder in South Australia, his father was a champion and named Elvis.  He was born on the 1st of January 2012 like Tilly who was featured in the previous blog.  Tilly and Snitzel became friends when they met and fell in love at puppy school.  He is very much looking forward to seeing her again!! Tilly and Snitzel also have the exact birth date!

Snitzel is a wonderful little dog full of lots of personality, he has a developed an obsession for our poor old cat Gizmo, Gizmo is 21 human years old and cant tell Snitzel to back off, Snitzel likes to pull hair out of his tail but he also loves him very much and doesn’t realise that what he is doing isn’t very nice.  He likes to cuddle up and sleep with Gizmo when he is tired.  Snitzel Von Krumm gets a lot of attention whenever he leaves the house, he is cute, and he knows it! haha He is extremely affectionate and likes to gently chew my nose as his way of showing me how much he loves me. 

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