Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing Stanley...

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ABOUT ME:  I have a beautiful 6 month old red mini dachshund named Stanley. She is such a treasure! This is my little scamp in her Tuxedo and Stegosaurus outfits. Stanley enjoys long walks on the beach, escorting mummy to every room, and sleep-ins!

Stanley's Bio/Facts:
  • We got her when she was nine weeks old, all the way over from rural Victoria.
  • She has more than doubled in size =D
  • Stanley is a busy body, or as we like to call it; a nosy parker. She always has to be where the action is. She thinks of herself as one of the gang.
  • She escorts mummy and daddy to every room to make sure they get there safely.
  • She likes to steal mum's expensive shoes to have a nibble and sometimes steals a cup cake too.
  • She's terrified of cold water, and avoids it at all costs.
  • Belly rubs make her catatonic.
  • Her favourite food is sheppards pie
  • She is a sleepy head - and could spend the whole day asleep on the couch if mum does the same


  1. Oh Stanley, you're the cutest puppy i've ever seen!

  2. Stanley will you marry me??

  3. My gorgeous little puppy! Mummy loves you!