Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Lani...

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ABOUT ME: Lani is the serious one, the black and tan with ultimate puppy eyes. She is the dominant of the two so is often growling at her sister but will always have one eye on her to make sure she is ok, she like to know where everyone (even guests) is at all times. She seems to have an old soul and she is a loyal protector of those she cares for. She is a little jealous (but they both can be), impatient and very vocal. Lani is more interested in being by 'Mum's' (or any humans really) side, or in her lap  than to play with other dogs. She loves her 'nanny' to bits and enjoys keeping busy.
They both love nothing more than to dig in the sand, play chasie, tug-o-war and knock each other to the ground when their rumbling, makes me fret but they are tough, then they go snuggle each other for their other favourite activity, sleeping. They love their toys, water to play in, food (who doesn't), and to hang with 'Mum' and follow behind her everywhere. Very smart girls too, learnt Sit, Stay and Lay in a week, and they taught themselves to use the doggy door, because they love the freedom of running in and outdoors, and to go toilet outside (most of the time).

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