Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Lala...

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ABOUT ME: Lani and Lala are my two. 10 weeks and 2 day old mini long haired girls.
 Lala is tan with stunning green eyes, she is a little chunka but she is growing into it, she would roll everywhere if she could (she tries). She is respectful, placid, easy going, fun, quiet and joyful. She is most comfortable being surrounded by things she loves (comfy pillows, toys, her sister) and is always watching her sister for direction and is very intrigued with other dogs but not so interested in humans, but loves to get a cuddle by 'Mum', only when she's ready though. She is a little bit mouthy at the moment. Takes after her dad in looks and in brains, dopey little thing, makes me laugh. She also loves the camera; Lani not so much.

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