Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dachshunds in the Park

We do not hold walks during the Winter months - it is just too wet and rainy for dogs with low tums!!!
We will send out an email once we have a date for the next walk usually around October as the weather starts to improve.

Dates and details to be advised ...

Thanks :-)


  1. Walked this morning in Shelly on the Freo side of the Leach Hwy bridge, there is a dog area with a large grass & tree area between the bridge and the river, only street parking but looks like plenty of it, the walk would be along the river and back, Park Beach Close is the street, the nearest houses would be 100 meters away,take a look if you are going past.

  2. there is also a lovely beach in south Fremantle, called CY Oconnor beach, beautiful grassed area, with free BBQs :)

  3. Jorgeson dog exercise area in kalamunda is great. It's a great loop walk for dogs. BBQ and picnic area. A fair whack of parking altho not sure how many bays will check next time.