Friday, May 4, 2012

Introducing Bosun...

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ABOUT ME: Bosun ("Mornoble Cruising On") is a long-haired standard who lived at Mornoble in Canning Vale for the first six years of his life.
We arrived at Mornoble late in 2011, looking for a new pup to fill the gap left by our much-loved long-haired standard "Carl", who had lived with us for fifteen years since he was a pup.
Unfortunately, there were no pups available at that time, but fortunately we were offered one of their more mature dogs, six-year old Bosun.
He settled in well to his new home and soon became "one of the family". Bosun has a great temperament and loves his walks. He is a great dog! 
Before "Carl" there was "Danny" and "Ricki", all long-haired standards, so you can see we are a long-term, long-haired, long-dog family.

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  1. We had a gorgeous boy from Mornoble too, when we finally get a house of our own, we'll see if we can get another one.