Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introducing Jaya...

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ABOUT ME: aka 'Evil Miss Jaya' or 'The Fatty LaLa' (Or just Fatty to her friends).

I was adopted by my family when I was three years old. I had previously lived with a lovely lady who bred dachshunds, but when I didn't get pregnant she put me up for adoption. My Mum originally thought I would be a good pet for her brother but once she met me she was completely suckered and knew she couldn't live without me. I live in a mixed race family - my Mum also owns two cats who are both bigger than me and who I am a tiny bit wary off. The older one has taken over my basket, and she tries to take my space in the bed we all share with Mum, but I remind her that this is my side of the bed and she can have the other. Mum sometimes contemplates sleeping on the lounge so she has some space to herself.

I guard the house when Mum is home. No one is allowed to walk along our street without my permission, and if you're another dog forget it. You are not allowed on my street at all and I will tell you this (and the rest of the neighbourhood) loudly regardless of how close you live to me and how often you walk down that street. Of course when Mum's not home it's not a problem. Apparently Mum's gardener doesn't know that I live here - but Mum has to understand that I don't associate with the 'help'.

I love my Mum very much and give her lots of cuddles. I also like her friends and her family too. I get so excited when I see them I wee so I have to go outside to say hello to everyone before they come in the house.

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