Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dachshunds in the Park...

Our next walk is scheduled for Sunday 16 December from 5pm.

 "Kristmas with the Kriegers"

We're heading north this time, meeting at Carine Regional Open Space and walking around "Little Carine Swamp".  It's a great spot so think about bringing a picnic or BBQ gear for before or after the walk.

The meeting point will be the car park marked 39 on the City of Stirling map below, and marked with the pin on Google Maps.

The last time Long Dogs met at this park 47 dogs attended, and that was a record in 2011. We've grown a lot since then so let's see if we can break the current record of 110 dogs at a walk.

Please see Jo or I on the day so we can keep a track of how many dogs attended (we'll be the ones waving clipboards and looking flustered).

If we don't know you or your dog's name yet, send us an email at so we can add you to our membership list.

DATE: Sunday 16 December 2012

TIME: 5:00 PM at the meeting point for a 5:30 walk

MEETING POINT: Square car park off Beach Rd (past the Athletics Club)

RSVP: On Facebook or by emailing

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