Friday, December 14, 2012

Introducing Timo...

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ABOUT ME: Timo is a typical two year old miniature Dachshund who has the heart of a lion and the ego to match (just ask the Rottweiler down the street.) He loves nothing more then having his belly rubbed and snoozing on the lounge. His all time favourite treats are doggy chocolate and the occasional marshmallow.He's a very loveable boy who melts hearts with just one look and if that doesn't work he rolls on his back and whines till is does ( yep he's a wiener ).


  1. Timo is so handsome. he looks a lot like our 2 year old daschie. You didn't get him at mt lawley pets and puppies by any chance?

  2. Thank you so much :)
    sorry but I didn't get him from mt lawley pets and puppies,I got him from a breeder in Darling Downs.