Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dachshunds in the park...

Piney Lkes Reserve, Winthrop
3 Februrary 2013

84 Dachshunds, their owners and a couple of other furry friends

Our first walk of 2013 was on one of those hot Februrary days, so we made use of the shaded areas on the Piney Lakes Reserve and kept the walk fairly short. It was another great turnout with 84 dachsunds registered, and 16 new members.

Piney Lakes Reserve, Winthrop

Many thanks to Caitlin for this great video.

The dachshunds were all very keen to meet and greet.



Well, mostly...  


In their transfixed faces we saw the devotion that dogs have for their people...




We were all a little star struck by the very handsome Bosun.

We met a heap of our new members.





New friendships were formed...


and the regulars worked the crowd.








Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope you had a great time.

On behalf of all those who enjoy these Long Dogs walks I'd like to say a big "Thank You" to Jo Tetlow for oraganising and coordinating the walk, and to TJ who did a great job of collecting all the information about our new members.

If you have any photos from the day, or from future walks that you're happy for us to use on the blog, please forward them to us at

For any members who haven't sent us a photo and a blurb about your dog to go up on the blog, we'd love to add you.  Just send an email to us telling us the name of your dog,  whether it is standard or mini, long, short or wire hair, which suburb or town you're in.  Please include a little bit about your dog and why you adore hm or her and a photo.

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  1. ohhhhh i so wish Frankie wasn't so Cranky and we could still come along to these :( I feel so terrible if i take Chip by himself! Maybe one day Frank will be a calm old doggy...i wont hold my breath! The video is so cute! Miss all the dachies!!!! x
    Adelle & STeve (and Frankie, Chip & Roxy)