Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Long Dogs supporing animal welfare...

We think it is really great that so many of our members support a range of animal welfare organisations.

At our Long Dog fundraisers we collect money for Dachshund Rescue Australia, but we know that many of our members also donate time, money, goods, services and space in their homes to support a range of other organisations including Best Friends Animal Rescue, Dogs' Refuge Home Shenton Park, POOPs WA and event the Cat Haven (don’t tell the doxies).

This weekend, Sunday 19 May 2013, a group of Long Dogs WA members are participating in the RSPCA Million Paws walk.  If you’d like to join or support them you can do so by;

Joining the walk;
Or by making a donation;

If that isn't your thing, there are lots of other ways to support animal welfare and your community.

We know that money is sometimes tight for people, but it is good to remember that many shelters appreciate donations of simple things like newspapers and bedding.

Organisations like POOPs and the Dogs' Refuge Home Shenton Park are always looking for volunteers  to walk dogs, and there is always a call out for foster homes for dogs who aren’t coping in a shelter environment.

There are many organisations out there that could use your support, so whichever one you choose to support, however you help out, even it is just spreading the word, I know they appreciate it.

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