Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo booth - Long Dog Luau

We ran our first photo booth at the Long Dog Luau.  The day was all about fundraising for Dachshund Rescue Australia so we wanted to do something fun, give those who participated something they could keep, and collect a few dollars for a great cause.

Here are some of our favourite shots.


Behind the scenes.

We had 32 groups through the photo booth on the day.

We really wanted to keep the costs down and make sure we returned as much as we could to Rescue so we set the photo booth up in a loaned marquee with a donated scene setter as the backdrop.

For the first scene we set up some old fashioned banana lounges from the tip shop alongside a couple of beach balls form Clarke Rubber, some leis from the $2 shop and a bunch of hats and things from thrift shops. We made up a couple of torches from the citronella kind at Bunnings and cellophane flames. To finish it off we had some donated Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses for people and dogs to put on and we were set.

For the surfing scene we brought along a home made ramp (normally employed to let our dog get up on the bed ... I mean couch). We made up some waves out of coloured card and topped it off with a  K-Mart foam surf thingy.

We charged $5 per 'family' to use the booth.  For that people could use both sets, all of the props and either have us take some photos on our camera, or take their own pictures.  We uploaded all of the photos we took to a web site where they could download the full resolution images to use however they wished.

Lessons learned -
  • Cover the coloured card with contact.  The dogs made some creative dismounts from the ramp and we were making running repairs on the 'waves' a LOT.
  • We'd probably only do one scene next time and have a 'photographer' on hand the whole time as well as a helper to take money and help people with props.
  • Some of the best shots came when the people got into the picture with their dogs so we'd encourage people to do some of each.
  • Take something squeaky along to attract the attention of the dog - they tend to look at their owner who is off to the side. 

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