Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing Brutus...

Member #586

ABOUT ME:  Brutus was born on the 21st of Jan 2013, he is a sliver dapple mini.

Brutus has been in our family for 4 weeks now and has settled in well. We also have a 3yr old kelpie, Tilly, who is so good with him and a 2yr old ragdoll cat Romeo, who isn't as good with him, but Brutus thinks its a game as he's being beaten up.

We live on 10 acres in Bridgetown so there's lots of room to run around. Brutus loves to help clean out the stable and yards and to "play " with the chooks, he loves rides in the car and to chase Tilly around the paddock while she's working the sheep.
We hope to be able to come on a few walks in the future and meet some other members.

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