Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Winter Walk for Rupert...

One of our Long Dogs is missing.

Rupert the long hair black and tan mini went missing from his home in Huntingdale on the afternoon of 17 June.

He is a ten year old family pet and desperately missed by his family.

A number of our members have spent time this week distributing posters and flyers far and wide, but we are yet to bring Rupert home.

To spread the word as far as possible his family are inviting all long dogs and their families to join them for a walk at Armstrong Park this Sunday morning, 30 June. Rupert’s family are hoping they can get some TV coverage to help in finding him

Where: Armstrong Park, Huntingdale

When: Sunday 30 June 2013, 8:30am 

Contact: If you have any news of Rupert please call or text 0422 307 584.

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If you can’t attend the walk you can still help find Rupert by sharing this information with family, friends, colleagues, dog walkers you meet and random strangers. Please share Rupert’s facebook page, or print and distribute Rupert’s flyer or poster available for donwload from the longdogs' facebook group.

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