Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing Benson...

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ABOUT ME: My name is Benson Oaks, I am only 9 weeks old. I enjoy playing with my toy duck and sleeping in the sunshine. I love playing around with my people parents and can't wait to meet all the other long dogs so I can make some four legged friends.


  1. Hi Benson!!! My Fellow Dapple Canine friend! You should meet my puppy, Thor, he is also a Dapple mini! Stay Glassy :)

    1. Hello Pauly
      I have actually seen your little Thor in a video Jen sent me from your mate Reece I think. Look forward to meeting Thor.
      We should have a puppy party with the 2 labs.

    2. Hehe oh wow! Thor's getting around :) I do remember Rhys mentioning that Jen's friend had just got a mini dachie as well! Definitely! Would be great for them :) Thor's getting really good with the big puppies now too! When Benson is old enough you have to bring him to the Riverside Gardens park in Bayswater, its a great dog park :)