Monday, September 16, 2013

2014 Long Dogs WA Calendar...

All picture places are now sold... information on ordering calendars coming soon.

Long Dogs WA is creating a 2014 calendar as a fund raiser for Dachshund Rescue Australia.

Each month will feature one or more of our long dogs and we are selling these star spots for $100 per page. You can have a page all to your little doggy self, or purchase a month for a group photo.


One of our fabulous members has purchased the cover page for the happily re homed rescues that we already have in our Long Dog family. Thank you Alice.

The Facebook admins are a bit ahead of my blog post, so we only have three months left -
  • August
  • October
  • January 2015
If you have the next pin-up girl or poster boy, send us an email at as quick as you can to reserve your month.

We'll be a arranging a date for a photo shoot, or if you have a great, high resolution picture of your own we can use that.  We'll get some more information out to  our models once they are booked in.

If you miss out this year, don't fret.  If this one works out well we'll look to doing another one for 2015 and I'll make sure I get the jump on those nimble Facebook types - or you could join our Facebook group and be up with all the news as it happens.

Once all the hard work is done we'll be selling the calendars for $20 with all profits going to Dachshund Rescue Australia.

Because we know you can't get enough there will also be a national Dachshund Rescue Australia calendar coming out, so you can have one for work and one for home. There will be no excuse for missing a Long Dogs walk ever again.

We'll put details up on how to order each of these fabulous calenders soon.

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