Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In memory - Cujo...

This week we farewell a faithful and much loved Long Dog, Cujo.  His family has prepared this tribute for him.

We wanted to write something small to share with all of you in memory of our much loved sausage.

Cujo was born in June 2011, and after months of waiting we were finally able to have a dog in our rental - someone to keep me company while Tarro worked long hours, and that could be my friend in a lonely mining town.

The night Cujo died he was shy of being with us two whole years by a day. But those two years felt like a lifetime. A lot of the time we took for granted, and when reading about the loss of other long dogs I took comfort in him being young, and under the impression that he would be with us forever. I know in a way he always will be, but sometimes having him here physically would be been better.

He was a gentle soul - unless you were a runner - then it was game on! Knock on our door and he HAD to know who you are before being let in the house. Even think about walking on the grass on the front and he was an alarm. Say the word 'hello?' or 'who's there?' another barking alarm - regardless if people are here or not.

He loved the car, and loved his family. Whenever we jingled keys he would be gone and right next to the car door. If he saw his travel crate there was no getting him out of it - until he realized no one was going anywhere. When I finally got my license he was the first one in my car. The two of us spent the afternoon cruising around Perth,  music playing and stopping at the lights and barking at people in other cars.

Cujo came with us everywhere, to family dinners, car rides to pick up milk, even flew with us to Canberra for Christmas and my 21st birthday. If Cujo was allowed to come, he would be there, running through your house - barking at your guests and chasing your children. He was our best friend, and was referred to us as being like our child. We threw him birthday parties, wrapped up his gifts and we dressed him up. Some days he really did act like a child too - once he cut his nose and I put some spray on to it and he would not look and touch me for about ten minutes because it hurt. He chewed up mum's shoes but put himself in time out (the toilet).

He also was the reason we are a part of this long dogs community. No matter where it was (except Mandurah) we drove to all the long dog walks. Sometimes in his golfing jumper or in his fur jacket - but most memorable in his shark costume.

To finish I wanted to share our two favorite memories of Cujo - something I think about now and laugh.

When we lived up in Port Headland we wanted to try and walk him as much as possible, weather permitting, and whenever we went for walks we would come home and we would both sit on the floor and drink as much water as we could. Once I kept taking him outside but he did not want to wee. About two hours later I was washing the dishes from dinner and dropped something in the sink. Cujo was sleeping on my feet and he waddled quickly down the hall to the laundry and outside. I followed him to soothe him when I realized I was following a trail of wee. He then proceeded to hide behind the curtain in fear of being told off for losing bladder control all through the house trying to get outside in time. It took us about ten to fifteen minutes to get him to come out from behind the curtain.

Lastly - Christmas last year we bought our nephew a small above ground pool and spent Christmas day in the pool playing and talking. Suddenly Cujo comes running, and clears the side of the pool. He spent the whole time doing laps of the pool like it was no ones business. and just went round and round the sides of the pool quietly doing laps.

We will never forget you Cujo, and the time we spent together.

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